Water Features

Our water features are artistically designed to look like they’ve always been part of your landscape. We look for ways to seamlessly integrate the water feature with your daily life...ideally, we place the water feature in a spot where you can also enjoy it from indoors. Our philosophy is that a well-designed water feature is one that is enjoyed to the fullest.


Streams + Waterfalls

Look at all the falls, see birds drinking from it. It’s dynamic. Hear the sound from around the corner. The moving water is engaging, magnetic, soothing, vital. Nice background to my day. Creating an Elevation is really important so the feature looks natural and functions properly.



Sitting by the pond. With friends family. feed fish. Water Lily’s bloom at night. Underwater lighting. Can sit in it on a hot day. We can discuss during design consultation. Dinner by pond. Patio that comes right to patios edge. All ponds have a waterfall going into the pond for filtration, oxygen for fish. (note ‘ blog about nitrogen cycle) Stepping stones/walking across pond. Enjoy pond from inside too. Sound from the waterfall. Birds see water source and invite them in. Great way to certify your property as a native wildlife refuge. Great for bees. Well-balanced eco-system in your yard.



A great entry-point into water features. Most affordable and lowest maintenance. You get moving water with artistic piece. Great view from inside. Sight of water. Sound of water. Great source of water for wildlife – birds, deer bees.

Lots of styles – natural stone, interesting pillar with Mongolian basalt columns, stone-stacked urns for more formal yet rustic look, any rock can be custom-drilled as a unique water feature.



We can add bridges, stepping stones,


Rainwater harvesting systems