Pricing + Process

Our process begins with you sending photos of your outdoor space and then having a conversation by phone.  

We then schedule an on-location consultation which costs approximately $250-$500 and includes a design drawing of your water feature as well as an estimate for the project. This consultation fee is credited to the cost of your job if you proceed with installation.

Our water features are artistically designed to look like they’ve always been part of your landscape. We look for ways to seamlessly integrate the water feature with your daily life...ideally, we place the water feature in a spot where you can also enjoy it from indoors. Our philosophy is that a well-designed water feature is one that is enjoyed to the fullest.

For planning:

  • People will usually spend between $5k-$15K for their first-time water feature

  • Our construction season starts late April and goes until Thanksiving

  • Jobs range from 1 day to 1 month depending on the scale. The average job is about 1 week.


Before commencing construction, we plan out the job including laying out the design in your yard, ordering materials and bringing in Dig Safe to mark where underground utilities are. 

For stones, we typically source from Landscape Depot  or Cavicchio. For larger jobs we get our boulders from farmers in central MA. These boulders have been sitting out for centuries collecting moss and have a lot of character, adding another beautiful element to your yard and in the process, we help the farmers clear their land for more farming. WIN-WIN!