Do I need a permit?

90% of the time, no, as long as not digging beyond a certain depth.

How much Maintenance is required by a water feature?

We recommend a yearly clean-out where we drain the pond and refill. If you keep the water feature going during the winter it can decrease the required frequency.

Typically throughout the summer you will have 5-10 minutes of maintenance per week including:

1.     Adding beneficial bacterial into the pond - pump a few drops of solution into the pond (solution made by Aquascape; sold on Amazon)

2.     Topping off the water feature with your hose if the weather is dry/no rain

3.     Checking the skimmer for any debris such as falling leaves


If preferred, we are available for hire to maintain the water feature for you.

How much does maintenance cost?

  • Solution – average $100 for the season (April-November)

  • Electricity – The pumps are energy efficient and stay on 24/7. It’s like having a couple lights on in your kitchen – just a few hundred watts.

  • Water - most of the water is collected from rainfall so the expense is minimal

Should I be concerned about standing water and mosquitos?

Mosquitos are rarely an issue because the water feature has moving water. By design, the pumps are on opposite ends of the water feature and this creates a current. The movement oxygenates the water and reduces surface tension. Since the water is not standing, it’s hard for mosquitos to lay eggs.

Can I have fish in my pond?

Yes! The most important thing is to provide enough water for the fish. Overcrowding is not good. For every inch of fish we want 10 gallons of water. Our medium ponds have approximately 1200 gallons of water which would accommodate  10-12 mature fish.

We have relationships with distributors of fish. We’ll put you in touch and you’ll get a discount. We can also help you select them if you’d like.